Amazing Grace

on mission to Empower others to serve effectively

We are an everyday ministry,
making every day Christians.

HEART: Restore individuals and families
FROM: Poverty, hopelessness, separation, a life of crime, idolatry, alcoholism, and drug addiction
TO: Whole, Spirit-filled, fruit-bearing citizens and families through it’s Christian charitable services

Reaching *
* assisting, empowering, equipping, connecting
  • gathering people
  • serving one-another
  • serving the community
  • activating volunteerism

Community Church | Community Transformation

Renewing *
* hearts
  • bible education and training
  • disciple-making, life skills training
  • teaching sound financial skills

Grace Walk | Disciple-Making | VBC Camp

Rejuvenating *
* the weary
  • meeting physical needs for the needy
  • meeting spiritual needs especially with mountain recreation

Food Pantry | Helping Hands | Firewood

Amazing Grace India

Pastor M. Daimai

World Roads Church and Orphanage, Imphal India


Enjoying God's Creation

Epic Mtn Bike Ride & Summit Treasure Mountain

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Grand Canyon Backpack slideshow

Grand Canyon 2013

Elwood Pass to Wolf Creek Pass Backpack trip

Two Guys Walk in the Sky

Martinez Canyon Day Hike

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Fourmile Trail to Waterfalls Day Hike

Fourmile Trail

Backpacking & Canoeing in New Zealand - Picture Gallery