Live & Love Like Jesus

Why Should You Consider Attending Amazing Grace CC?

I’m not a believer, but curious…

You are heartily invited to attend! We are a grace-filled church where you can be open and unafraid to admit you have questions or don’t believe. Even during the service! You won’t be ‘judged’ and you will be given freedom to learn at your own pace. You won't be hounded for money either.

We ALL have a past. But we are more concerned with your future. We don’t try to get people to give up their uniqueness and become a ‘cookie-cutter’ Christian.

You’ll likely be pleasantly surprised.

I’m a Believer looking for a church that ‘walks the talk’…

We are a church that does not follow traditional church format. We are much more concerned with emulating Jesus and the early church found in Acts. To that end, we do not talk about politics or have man-made rules and traditions or put on a show or teach from popular teachings. We use the bible. We are more of a church in a mission-field. We help the poor, the abandoned, the homeless, the fatherless, the widows and orphans. We endeavor to be known as a giving church, giving out to those who come in need and to the community around us. We have a pastor but we are strongly a community.

Come find out what community looks like.

I’m a Believer that would like to be involved in Community and Hands-On Ministry…

Attending church here is not a passive event or a place to hide in the rear pews. Largely because we sit in a circle! It’s a place to engage and get to know one-another. Our breakfast portion of the service is purposed in ministering to one-another. Attendance here opens up many opportunities to use your spiritual gifts. You’ll have time to disciple others, pray for others, help others in need, even be part of a personal ministry or leadership.

You no longer have to just hear sermons about doing the word, you’ll have opportunity to do it!

At AGCC, you will find an environment that teaches the
Bible and talks a lot about Jesus.

We believe that the entire Bible is God’s message of how man can have a right relationship with God; therefore, the message of the gospel and Jesus is the focus of our teaching. At any given time, you will find that we are teaching through a book of the Bible in a verse by verse format. We also talk a lot about loving one-another, how to be grace-givers, how to respond to those grace-growers in our life.

Come and be part of a community dedicated to helping people understand the Bible and how to love others like Jesus.

Community Reach
We live life together in community. It’s crazy, but we have to do it intentionally because, naturally, our lives are independent instead of interdependent.

We believe that as part of our God-design, we are meant to both enjoy relationships and grow through them. We pursue deep community where people live life with each other: sharing meals, meeting needs, hanging out, mourning, and celebrating together.

We believe the gospel, the good news that God is restoring all of creation to himself through Jesus, is a Story that changes every part of our lives. This story is about restored relationship to God, so we live in such a way as a community that we engage with God together through regular times of learning from the Bible, prayer, and worship.

There’s nothing like the feel of this place on Sunday Morning!



The early church demonstrates to us that worship consisted of more than just music. At AGCC, we worship together through biblical preaching, prayer, music, giving, communion, eating breakfast together, testimonies, and with our church family. At the end of our worship service the question should not be whether we thought the service was good, but whether we thought God was pleased. One thing we know, one never knows what will happen on any given Sunday!

Guiding Principle: And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2:42

We believe the Bible shows the purpose for gathering is to edify and encourage one-another. Members of the church are to love one another, extend grace and hospitality to not-yet believers.

We believe worship is the “tool” we should bring to church service. It “unlocks” our fellowship with God. A main purpose is to spur one another on to love and good deeds.

Our Attitude of Worship should be one of fervent joy and sincerity. The songs we sing should give praise to He who is Worthy. The preaching should be from the Bible, moving the hearer to belief and application. The sermons should be anointed by the Holy Spirit.

God loves and allows for many postures of worship (within a Biblically mandated order). Worship consists of singing, confession, praying, offering, Scripture reading, sharing testimonies, and preaching. The object of worship is the Lord. God is the audience of our worship service. The pastors and worship team are prompters for the congregation. Members are participants, not the audience nor actors. The Holy Spirit is present when 2 or more are gathered in one accord in the name of Jesus. They are unified in the one Lord, one Faith, and one Baptism.

Worship as Family
At AGCC we worship together as a family of God. We all meet as one in the Sheep Barn.

The Bible teaches us that the responsibility of training up children belongs to the parents. This is quite a daunting task, and God has created the church to help come alongside of the parents in shepherding their children.
Children learn to worship God by seeing their parents joyfully worship. During the service children are given an opportunity to recite scripture, give testimony, or sing for the congregation. At AGCC, we encourage parents to bring their children to join us for worship. Midway through the service children are released to Sunday School. Once a month they go to Children’s Church right after breakfast and every 5th Sunday they stay in the service for the entire time. Teenagers stay with their family in the service. Nursery service provided. Breastfeeding allowed.

Worship in Spirit and Truth
We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells every believer in Jesus Christ and that He is an abiding helper, teacher and guide. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit and in the exercise of all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as He gives to the believer. These gifts are defined in the Bible and exercise thereof is under the control of the gifted.
We are given Spiritual Gifts to be used within the fellowship and for the edification of others, not self-glorification. We've seen God the Spirit heal people, draw people to Jesus, convict people, and pour out His spirit of Love.

Worship in Prayer
We believe that God is Sovereign and is still powerful to work in this world. We do not rely on the power of man to change lives, but the power of God. When we gather, we pray together as community of Christ followers, with the belief that God has power to change lives. We do not simply want to sprinkle prayer throughout our weekly gathering, but we want to rely on the power of God which results from those who call on his name.  At AGCC, you will find people praying for one-another before, during, and after our Sunday gathering.

Worship in Music
The music is not the "warm up act" for the preacher. Nor it is entertainment. It is a spiritual act of worship. The music is only part of our worship, not the entirety. When we sing at AGCC, we are responding to the work of God that has been performed in our lives. The music identifies with our lives, culture, and emotions as it expresses the message of the gospel and work of Jesus on the cross. God inhabits the praises of the people. The music should reflect our heart’s love of God and one-another. The Bible does not dictate the style of music nor the types of instruments to be used. We are moved to use contemporary music styles which penetrate and move the worshippers spirit.

Worship in Giving
We believe that all good things come from the Father above. Our strength, wealth, and possessions are all gifts from God. We believe that sacrificial living is a response to the goodness of God (ultimately the gospel). At AGCC, we sacrificially give of our time and money because we believe it is a means to worship God. We do not promote an environment that pursues obligatory giving, but a place where people give as a response to the work of Jesus in their lives. To this end, we do not pass an offering plate. We have a giving basket where you can present your tithes and offerings at any time during the service. We give a tithing teaching during every service. If you are visiting AGCC as a guest, please don’t feel obligated to give. But if you are making AGCC your church home, we encourage you to faithfully and generously give as a part of your worship experience.

Worship in Communion
We share in the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of the month. (There is no significance of this day, just the way to remember when) Everyone who has received Jesus into their life as Lord and Savior are invited. Parents decide on whether their children participate. Communion is a special time in the life of our fellowship. We enjoy it as a family while considering all of the facets of the Jesus-mandated remembrance.

Worship in Testimonies
Acts 1:8 tells us we are to be Jesus’ witnesses. We are to encourage and edify one-another (1 Thessalonians 5:11). Therefore, at AGCC we have a One-Another Time during the service in which everyone is encouraged to give testimony, tell of blessings, offer confessions, to pray for one-another, discuss scripture (1 Corinthians 14:26).

Worship in Breaking Bread
Throughout the Bible God’s family has shared meals together. Jesus loved to eat with His friends. In the OT, God’s Law even provided for people who lived too far away from the temple to spend their lawful tithe in getting together with others and eating. At AGCC we begin our worship service with a full-on breakfast. This is a time for everyone to relax, meet others, have friendly conversation and prepare hearts and minds for the general worship service.

Worship in the Teaching of the Word
We devote our worship time in teaching about Jesus, and our relationship to Him. The whole story of mankind and God revolves around Jesus. In the early church, written about in Acts, they devoted their time to teaching about Jesus. Later the Apostle Paul expounded on this and counseled the church and believers how to fellowship within the church community. Therefore, we teach from the Bible. Not from other teachers or other books or other famous preachers or movies. Any prophecy or teaching spoken in church must be from God the Spirit and tested by His written word.

What Do We Believe? How Do We Do Things Here?
Download our church introduction booklet with a brief statement of faith.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Mark