HS Presence


Ways the Holy Spirit
Shows Up in Church
(other than “significant” experiences)

~In the praises of the people.

~In the spoken preached Word,
convicting and inspiring and
edifying the people.

~In biblically solid teaching.

~In the heart of the prayers
of the people. Desire to pray
for one another.

~In the conversations of people edifying one another with scripture and godly wisdom.

~In expressions of godly love and grace for one another.

~In spiritual healing, sometimes physical healing, confession, tears, testimonies.

~In salvations and professions of faith.

~In water baptisms, and presenting tithes and offerings, laying hands on one another.

How Do We Know the HS was present in the service?

Were the elements of the service done in the name of Jesus holding to Biblical truth?

Was He welcome and were hearts open?

Was sin allowed to reign or was it squelched?

Strong emotion is not what draws the HS. It can if it is fueled with a pure heart and motive; but alone it is not what draws Him.

How Can We Ensure He is With Us in the Service?

What were the apostles doing on the day of the Pentecost when the HS appeared as flames? Acts 2:1 And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

Note how they were there in one accord. How is that done? Unity. The combined strength of true faith in Christian fellowship and unity. How is Unity manifested in church? In the one place, everyone believes Jesus is THE way, truth and life. Everyone submits one to another. Everyone loves one another. Everyone prays for one another, encourages one another, confesses sin one to another. The unity of the apostles was built over time through faith and submission to Jesus. Through going through tough times together. (c.p. Hebrews 10:25-26).

A strong willingness to yield to the HS and let Him reign in your life. Therefore, if you are in the flesh or walking in sin—don’t expect Him. This holds true for a church service as well as day to day life. One should be in the Word and in prayer in submission to the Lord. A baptism has a purpose and it is usually to minister to someone in His strength. It is not to make the believer ‘feel good’ or accredited or powerful.