The Bible teaches the laying
on of hands for ordination of
pastors, elders and deacons
through the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

An elder led church most closely resembles the
early church. It is God who calls men into the
ministry of elder and deacon (
Ephesians 4:11).
Elders are also known as pastors. We do not see in
the Bible where women are called to be pastors or elders.

Therefore, I don’t believe we should practice it. There appears to be evidence in the Scriptures that women served the ministry in a role that might be called deaconesses (not deacons). A woman who teaches men or the whole congregation should be under the authority of her husband. Women are certainly called to teach other women and children (
Titus 2:3,4). I would generally refrain from having a man teaching a group of women.
Elders and deacons should meet the qualifications of
1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1:5-16 as measured by other biblically qualified men.