“Angels are ministering spirits
aka messengers of God for His
children who will inherit salvation.”
Hebrews 1:14)

They were created as angels and
are not humans who have gone to
heaven and then to become an angel.
Colossians 1:16) There is no evidence
that God has created any new angels since
the original creation. While God was talking
to Job, He explained that the angels rejoiced
during the groundbreaking of Creation. (
Job 38:7)

God’s angels reside in heaven with Him. They belong to Him. They are not independent and do not belong to the earth or to a religion. They do not belong to humans. We do not know how they originated other than generalizations that they were created by God. The creation account does not mention them specifically. Angels are powerful beings not the cartoon-like illustration of a chubby baby or human with wings floating on a cloud. They are never pictured this way in Scripture.

Angels are spirit beings living in the spiritual realm. They could be described as being like the wind or flames of fire. They are often characterized as stars in the scripture. They can become visible in their natural form or by taking on the form of a human. They do not have human parts or physical being. They do not carry on like humans nor do they procreate. They are given power from God and would have none without it. Their power has been limited.

Revelation informs us that Satan, death, hades, and the demons (fallen angels) will be cast permanently into the lake of fire. This will be their eternal dwelling place.

Some of the original angels were kicked out of heaven by God as part of a rebellion led by one angel named Lucifer. The Bible implies that 1/3 of the angels left with Lucifer. These angels are under the rule of Lucifer. The Bible teaches they live in the air, the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12) This is where they rule fRomans When the angels come to get us at the point of death, we must pass through this enemy territory.

We do not know how many angels there are but there are many. Various places generically describe angels in legions and tens of thousands and thousands of thousands.

Not all angels are good. Both prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel as well as the Apostle John record how Lucifer’s rebellion against God revealing his corrupt character and prideful spirit particularly with his “I Will” statements. The penalty was being swept out of heaven. The angels and Lucifer were cast down to earth and presently reside in the air.

During their residency on “earth” Satan and his “bad” angels appear in Scripture in well known stories such as Satan’s attempted destruction of Job, the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness, and the coming Man of Lawlessness. Satan’s angels aka demons appear in the stories of the angelic response to Daniel’s prayer, evil spirits tormenting Saul, and one tormenting the Apostle Paul.

The “bad” angels do not do God’s bidding directly. Their work and efforts are for the destruction of man under the auspices of Satan,whereas “good” angels desire to help humans as ministering spirits from God. They tempt man to sin and do all they can to turn man’s attention away from God. Satan is not omnipresent or omniscient and therefore must use his angels (demons) to carry out his work. Satan is consumed with rebelling against God and acquiring God’s glory for himself. He applies his attack against God on His children and those who could be His children. He began his nefarious work in the Garden of Eden against Adam and Eve. He plays a prominent part of the 70th week of Daniel and the “end times”. The Christian should be diligently aware that some signs and wonders are really from Satan and his demons with the intention of deception. Satan and his demons appear frequently between these two points of “beginning” and “end”.

These bad angels cannot overcome the good angels and must be invited in. Many people willingly and unwittingly invite them in to do their work. Like the good angels they are spirit beings who think and believe and hear and speak. But, these demons can not go beyond what God allows for His purposes and designs. This is a comfort to the Believer. Non-believers give the demons permission to do their work; God allows this until the non-believer calls out to Jesus.