4 Kinds of Soil


A master gardener has developed many
skills. They have an objective in mind for
the plants. They selectively purposefully
choose certain types of plants to grow.
They consider the conditions of light, moisture,
temperature, and most importantly—the soil.

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River Baptisms

Went down to the Piedra
River to pray and baptize
these precious believers.
August 2015.

Click to see pictures...

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Community Churches are needed.
Serving a defined neighborhood -
community. It is where people gather
and have time to talk things over, learn
from each other, offer/receive help from
each other, learn/observe parenting, get
to know each other's kids, help other parents
out with their kids.

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It Is The Power of God

Jesus said He chose us
before the foundation of
the world, we did not choose

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Set Free to Live Free

We have been set free
by Christ so that we may
have liberty; that we may
live free.

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Grace Inside

Holiness outside comes
from Grace inside.

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Trials & Tribulations

How do we pray
during those difficult
times and seasons in our

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Our role in the lives
and hearts of our brethren...

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Evil Winning?

For those times when
it seems that evil is

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Love of God

Is there anything that
can separate us from
the love of God?

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What leads us to

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Quote for the Day

Where is God during
our adverse circumstances?

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Compassion before theology.

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Child with No Name

Amazing Grace Community Church
supports Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center.
Friends of the Center have produced an
awesome music video on this topic.

Watch it here...
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School Alternative

About Pagosa
Valor Academy

Local school serving families
with children in grades 1-6.

Our organization is unique in
providing family based Christian education.


Pagosa Valor Academy strives to achieve a high degree of academic excellence through the University-Model® of education and “best in class” curriculum. We maintain a high level of family involvement with a goal of giving our students a Biblical world view. Blending the best of home with the best of traditional education to prepare tomorrow's Christ-centered servant leaders today.


Pagosa Valor Academy school year begins Sep 2, 2014.
Tuesday and Thursdays school is in session for full day classroom operations.
Wednesday's school is in session for half days (AM)

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What Is A Church?

What defines, or constitutes,
a church? Is it a building,
a group of people, or possibly
an activity between two or
more people?
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Priests of the Home

There are two major roles that
men hold in the marriage, that as

priest of their home, and that of
being a
servant leader.

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A Family Affair

Is it important for a family to
attend church together? Why
not just skip church and let the
kids decide what they want to
do when they become adults?

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Christians Who Quit Church

Most people have their good
reasons (see blog Top Excuses)
for not going to church. But did
Jesus have this in mind when He
said, “...on this rock I will build
my church...”? (Matthew 16:18).

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What We Do At Church

Church involves Witness,
Wonder, Warfare.

At church
we congregate, celebrate,
communicate, consecrate, commemorate,

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Top Excuses

There are many excuses given
by people when they are invited
to church. I've compiled a list of the
most frequently given excuses and a
short pastoral response. In the end,
(which is drawing near!) I pray you decide
to "come and see"!

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Why Should I Go To Church?

  • Jesus wants you to.
  • You will find spiritual growth and encouragement.
  • You will find a way to serve others and be served.
  • You will gain spiritual victory in your life

We go to church to worship publicly and corporately.
God dwells in an atmosphere of corporate worship.
Think of Heaven.

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Natl Sunday Law?

Have You Received the National
Sunday Law booklet in the mail?

Did you read it? If so, how does it
compare to what the Bible teaches?
Who is the author A.Jan Marcussen?
And why is he sending out this book randomly?

OR Have You Seen The Back Page Ad
in the Pagosa Sun?
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Jesus Friend of Sinners

In these last days and in the age of great
apostasy, we need to be like Jesus. Loving
sinners and not judging them.

It is amazing that people who were once
sinners and who have been saved by the
grace of God now feel they are in a position
to judge sinners.

Watch the video! ..

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Why Does Marriage Matter?

By Brittany Smith ,
Christian Post Reporter

February 10, 2012|9:13 am
To celebrate National Marriage
Week, Family Research Council's
Marriage and Religion Research Institute
has released a new study called
"162 Reasons to Marry."

Download PDF

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Is This Christianity?

What we desire in life is
harmony with one another, a
sympathetic ear when things go
wrong, brotherly kindhearted relationships
from others who are humble towards us—not

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Essence of Fellowship

Christian fellowship (Koinonia) is
an association, communion, fellowship,
close relationship.

“to be God’s man and God’s woman, motivated,
matured and equipped in the Spirit, doing God’s
work in His way at the place of His appointment,
together with His people”
John Morrison

“giving, receiving, and sharing of material or
immaterial things on a personal basis between
believers based on the common bond of Christ”

J. Grant Howard.

The ultimate miracle of love is this—that love is given to us to give to one another.

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Give Up Your Values

Why You Should Give Up Your Values!

Focusing on behavior takes our eyes off God and
puts the focus on self. God’s purpose is that we
focus on Him. If we spend considerable effort evaluating
our behavior to see that it is good (even conforming to
10 Commandments) we become egocentric. Our eyes are
taken off God. That’s what concentrating on good and evil will do.

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Two Trees in the Garden

God gave man a choice between the two trees.
Choose the tree of life (a picture of Jesus who
is Life and came so that we might have life John 10:10)
or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (having
personal knowledge instead of depending solely on God).

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A Righteous Lifestyle

Does God still desire us to have a righteous
lifestyle? Most certainly. When we become
Christians, we possess the divine life of Jesus
Christ. As we abide in Christ, His life flows out
of us producing a righteous lifestyle. His empowering
grace will produce righteousness whereas our self-effort
to follow rules will always fail.

How can we say that it will always fail?

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Meet The New You

Why do people who are
holy act unholy, struggling
with sins constantly trying to
overcome them?

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Christian Radio

Listen to Christian Radio.
Click..and it will open in new window,
so you can continue to read the blogs while you worship.

Pasted Graphic
Four Corners area of Colorado
Contemporary Christian Music

Pasted Graphic
Passion Radio, Farmington, NM
A ministry we support financially.

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Daily entertainment


The Daily Player, a 30-minute show created from some of the best videos on JellyTelly.

Click the icon and see all the wholesome entertainment for your children!

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I Can Only Imagine

What will heaven be
like? For now, we can
only imagine how we will
respond to our face to face
meeting with God.

Mercy Me...

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There Will Be a Day

One day Jesus is coming
back. All things will become
new. There will be no pain
or sorrow. We will see Jesus
face to face!

Jeremy Kamp

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My Father's House

Jesus left to prepare a
place for us. And in His
Father's house are many
mansions. He is coming back
to get us! John 14:2,3

Audio Adrenaline

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Jesus is just Alright

For you old rockers
from the 70's. D.C. Talk's

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Jesus Freak

Are you a Jesus Freak?
We hope so!

D.C. Talk...

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Children of God

We become a child
of God when we receive
His Son in faith. All of
God's children are valuable
to Him. Our Christian walk is
not about do's and don'ts. It's
about being a son or daughter of
the King. He has delivered us.

Third Day..

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Meant to Live

We were meant to live
for so much more. Somewhere
we lost our way.


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Love Has Come

Video by Mark Schultz
and The Pleasant Grove
A.M.E. Zion Methodist
Church Choir in Charlotte, NC
Choir Directed by Edmund Brown.

God is Love. He sent love to us in
the form of His Son, Jesus Christ
that we might come to love Him more
and love others. Love like crazy.

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Lead Me

A godly marriage is
where the husband is
sacrificially leading and
loving his wife. The wife
wants to be led by strong
hands under the control of
Jesus Christ.

Lead Me...

Then watch the story behind the video.

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Revelation Song

The epitome of a worship
song! Words taken from
Revelation. Take a look at
heaven through this song.

Kari Jobe...

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Sea of Faces

Sea of Faces by Kutless

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Superchick. Awesome song.
Timeless truth. Can you catch it?

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Fireflight, intense Christian
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Make A Move

Royal Tailor - Make
a Move. Great dance.

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Joyful Noise

Rappers Flame, Lacrae, John Reilly
Joyful Noise

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Jesus Music

Rapper Lacrae

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Propaganda - Gospel

Hear the Gospel in
4 minutes by rapper
Propaganda. An unbelievable

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Lose your soul

What is most important
to you in life? "Do not
those who kill the body but
are unable to kill the
but rather
fear Him who is
able to destroy both
and body in hell" (Matthew 10:28).

Toby Mac - Lose My Soul

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Toby Mac - Tonight

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Can't Shut Up

We can't shut up about God!
Anthem Lights

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Slow Fade

The decline in our values
and morals happens slowly
over time. It is so affected by
putting "garbage" into our hearts
and it comes out in our lives.

Watch Casting Crowns...

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Do you see?

Take the time to ask, listen,
and accept others. So often
they just need someone to
listen to them or someone to
love them. Parents—love your
children or they will look for love
in the wrong places!

"Therefore, accept one another,
just as Christ also accepted us to
the glory of God" (Romans 15:7).

Listen to Casting Crowns...

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Somethin Beautiful

What's beautiful to you?

We live in such a beautiful
area. We can see God in all
that is around us.

Listen to this song...

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I Am Free

The Truth Will Make You Free
 31 So Jesus was saying to
those Jews who had believed
Him, “If you continue in My word,
then you are truly disciples of Mine;
32 and you will know the truth, and
the truth will make you free.” 33 They
answered Him, “We are Abraham’s
descendants and have never yet been
enslaved to anyone; how is it that You say,
‘You will become free’?”
 34 Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I
say to you, everyone who commits sin is the
slave of sin. 35 The slave does not remain in
the house forever; the son does remain forever.
36 So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

Watch this Newsboys Video...

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Husband Headship

The Bible does not command the wife
to obey her husband as it does in the
relationship between children and
parents, slaves and their masters.
A wife is never to be treated as a child or a slave...

See also
Lead Me video

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Love & Discipline

Parents are to love their children.
Love is not permissiveness. Rather,
it is godly and strong. Love protects
children from the evils of the world.
The rulers of the darkness are after your
children. Godly parents are not to relinquish
their authority over their children to anyone.

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Love & Respect

Every woman dreams of being loved and
every man desires to be respected.

When a woman feels loved, she pours out honor
and respect towards the one extending this love.

When a man is honored with respect, he responds
with sacrificial love.

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Marriage Advice

Agree or disagree?
1.“The husband holds ultimate
responsibility for all major decisions
in the family and the home.”
2. “The wife is to submit graciously
to the servant leadership of her husband.”

Click to find out...

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Ineffective Prayers of Husbands

What renders your prayers ineffective?
A hindrance. There are five hindrances
to prayer: Wrong Motives, Sin in the
Heart, An Unforgiving Spirit, Self-
centeredness, Apathy in Marriage.

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Courtship or Dating?

Courtship produces strong, stable, permanent
marriages without all the pain and rejection along
the way. Dating is the world’s way. It produces
disastrous results.

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Why Bad Things Happen

Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

The rationale behind the question is; Since God
created the world—one which is full of suffering
and evil—He is to blame.

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Why Doesn’t God Eliminate Evil & Hate?

Why Doesn’t God Eliminate Evil and Hate?

Why can’t we have this ‘heaven on earth’ now?
If God is so powerful certainly He could do that.

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It is often said that grace is God’s unmerited favor.

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But now faith, hope, love, abide these three...
1 Cor 13:13a We often focus only on love
because it is the greatest. But faith and hope
are still in the top three! What’s so great about hope?

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Christian Love

And They’ll Know We Are Christians...

You know the next three words...

It’s a classic Sunday School song.
Jesus coined this phrase John 13:35. Is it what
people would say about your Christian faith?
Why was this the command of Jesus instead of
“keep the Sabbath” or “be good all the time”?

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Grace Givers

What is Grace?

What does it cost?

What does Grace do?

Grace Receivers = Know how much they’ve
been forgiven [Sinful woman Lk 7:36,46-47].

Grace Growers = Bring grace out in others.
God grows our faith by testing it. [Ja 1:2-4].

Grace Givers = Those who have received
and now extend it. Like the sinful woman. Like Jesus.

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According to your Faith

... let it be done for you

{Open your bible to...}
Hebrews 11: 8-13 ...By faith Abraham...

Is your faith being tried right now?

Are you suffering financially right now?

Are you struggling in your faith of God’s promise under the weight of the world?

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Be a Truth Teller

We are commanded not to lie because
he doesn’t lie. Speaking the truth imitates
God’s character.

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to
remember anything”
. Mark Twain
  • Do you want to be a truth-teller?
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