Community Churches are needed.
Serving a defined neighborhood -
community. It is where people gather
and have time to talk things over, learn
from each other, offer/receive help from
each other, learn/observe parenting, get
to know each other's kids, help other parents
out with their kids.
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Is This Christianity?

What we desire in life is
harmony with one another, a
sympathetic ear when things go
wrong, brotherly kindhearted relationships
from others who are humble towards us—not

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Essence of Fellowship

Christian fellowship (Koinonia) is
an association, communion, fellowship,
close relationship.

“to be God’s man and God’s woman, motivated,
matured and equipped in the Spirit, doing God’s
work in His way at the place of His appointment,
together with His people”
John Morrison

“giving, receiving, and sharing of material or
immaterial things on a personal basis between
believers based on the common bond of Christ”

J. Grant Howard.

The ultimate miracle of love is this—that love is given to us to give to one another.

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