Priests of the Home

There are two major roles that
men hold in the marriage, that as
priest of their home, and that of
being a
servant leader.

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Why Does Marriage Matter?

By Brittany Smith ,
Christian Post Reporter
February 10, 2012|9:13 am
To celebrate National Marriage
Week, Family Research Council's
Marriage and Religion Research Institute
has released a new study called
"162 Reasons to Marry."

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Husband Headship

The Bible does not command the wife
to obey her husband as it does in the
relationship between children and
parents, slaves and their masters.
A wife is never to be treated as a child or a slave...

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Love & Respect

Every woman dreams of being loved and
every man desires to be respected.

When a woman feels loved, she pours out honor
and respect towards the one extending this love.

When a man is honored with respect, he responds
with sacrificial love.

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Marriage Advice

Agree or disagree?
1.“The husband holds ultimate
responsibility for all major decisions
in the family and the home.”
2. “The wife is to submit graciously
to the servant leadership of her husband.”

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Ineffective Prayers of Husbands

What renders your prayers ineffective?
A hindrance. There are five hindrances
to prayer: Wrong Motives, Sin in the
Heart, An Unforgiving Spirit, Self-
centeredness, Apathy in Marriage.

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Courtship or Dating?

Courtship produces strong, stable, permanent
marriages without all the pain and rejection along
the way. Dating is the world’s way. It produces
disastrous results.

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