Grace Inside

Holiness outside comes
from Grace inside.

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Give Up Your Values

Why You Should Give Up Your Values!

Focusing on behavior takes our eyes off God and
puts the focus on self. God’s purpose is that we
focus on Him. If we spend considerable effort evaluating
our behavior to see that it is good (even conforming to
10 Commandments) we become egocentric. Our eyes are
taken off God. That’s what concentrating on good and evil will do.

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Two Trees in the Garden

God gave man a choice between the two trees.
Choose the tree of life (a picture of Jesus who
is Life and came so that we might have life John 10:10)
or the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (having
personal knowledge instead of depending solely on God).

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A Righteous Lifestyle

Does God still desire us to have a righteous
lifestyle? Most certainly. When we become
Christians, we possess the divine life of Jesus
Christ. As we abide in Christ, His life flows out
of us producing a righteous lifestyle. His empowering
grace will produce righteousness whereas our self-effort
to follow rules will always fail.

How can we say that it will always fail?

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Meet The New You

Why do people who are
holy act unholy, struggling
with sins constantly trying to
overcome them?
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Grace Givers

What is Grace?

What does it cost?

What does Grace do?

Grace Receivers = Know how much they’ve
been forgiven [Sinful woman Lk 7:36,46-47].

Grace Growers = Bring grace out in others.
God grows our faith by testing it. [Ja 1:2-4].

Grace Givers = Those who have received
and now extend it. Like the sinful woman. Like Jesus.

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