Child with No Name

Amazing Grace Community Church
supports Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center.
Friends of the Center have produced an
awesome music video on this topic.

Watch it here...
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School Alternative

About Pagosa
Valor Academy

Local school serving families
with children in grades 1-6.

Our organization is unique in
providing family based Christian education.


Pagosa Valor Academy strives to achieve a high degree of academic excellence through the University-Model® of education and “best in class” curriculum. We maintain a high level of family involvement with a goal of giving our students a Biblical world view. Blending the best of home with the best of traditional education to prepare tomorrow's Christ-centered servant leaders today.


Pagosa Valor Academy school year begins Sep 2, 2014.
Tuesday and Thursdays school is in session for full day classroom operations.
Wednesday's school is in session for half days (AM)
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Love & Discipline

Parents are to love their children.
Love is not permissiveness. Rather,
it is godly and strong. Love protects
children from the evils of the world.
The rulers of the darkness are after your
children. Godly parents are not to relinquish
their authority over their children to anyone.

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