Christian News is the nation's most
comprehensive Christian news website
and was launched in March 2004, incorporated
with the vision of delivering up-to-date news,
information, and commentaries relevant to Christians
across denominational lines.

As the flagship website of The Christian Post,
has quickly grown to become a leading online Christian news
publication, with continuous updates throughout the day - seven days a week.

Through the website, The Christian Post presents national and international coverage of current events affecting and involving Christian leaders, church bodies, ministries, mission agencies, schools, businesses, and the general Christian public.

As a pan-denominational Christian media source, The Christian Post views all Christ-centered denominations as equal constituents of the body of Christ and does not promote or demote any Christ-centered denomination and/or congregation.

The Christian Post is a member of the Evangelical Press Association, a member of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a global partner of the World Evangelical Alliance.