Essence of Fellowship

If we are to mutually disciple one
another in Christian fellowship we
should make it our objective to develop
an awareness of a wide variety of one’s
own needs, an understanding of how fellowship
can help meet those needs, the ability to tell others
of the needs he has that might be met through fellowship,
the ability to find out the needs of other believers that might
be met through fellowship.

It is the task of the pastor to make sure that the church presents as
many opportunities for contact between persons as is possible so that
they will get to know one another and be able to identify those individuals
with whom they would like to have the type of intensive interaction we have
labeled as genuine Christian fellowship. This form of fellowship is a demanding
and intense relationship between persons.

One Anothers
    • Confess their sins one to another Ja 5:16
    • Pray for one another James 5:16
    • Touch one another Gal 2:9
    • Bear one another’s burdens Gal 6:2
    • Restore one another when sin has been committed Gal 6:1
    • Be devoted to one another Rom 12:10
    • Give preference to one another Rom 12:10-12
    • Meet one another’s needs Rom 12:13
    • Be of the same mind as one another Rom 12:15-16
    • Refrain from judging one another Rom 14:13
    • Pursue peace with one another Rom 14:19
    • Refresh one another Rom 15:32
    • Love one another 1 John 4:7
    • Comfort one another 1 Thess 4:18
    • Encourage one another 1 Thess 5:11
    • Edify one another 1 Thess 5:11
    • Discipline one another Mt 18:15-20
    • Teach one another Col 3:16
    • Admonish one another Col 3:16
    • Stimulate one another to love and good deeds Heb 10:24
    • Share material possessions with one another Acts 2:45
    • Eat with one another Acts 2:46
    • Serve and work with one another Phil 1:27
    • Provide examples for one another Phil 3:17
    • Give money to one another Phil 4:14-15
    • Greet one another Phil 4:21
    • Forgive one another 1 Cor 2:6-8
    • Suffer with one another 1 Cor 12:26
    • Rejoice with one another 1 Cor 12:26
    • Speak truth to one another Eph 4:15
    • Talk and sing with one another Eph 5:19
    • Submit to one another Eph 5:21
    • Sympathize with one another 1 Peter 3:8
    • Be harmonious, sympathetic, brother, kindhearted, and humble in spirit, bless one another 1 Peter 3:8-9