God's Plans

You may notice a teensy time gap between this post and my last one. With a little prompting from my husband (he said I should write a post or people may believe the rumor of my untimely demise), I will try to pick up where I left off. I could now perhaps add to the title of my book “Confessions of a Reluctant Pastor’s Wife and Nurse”. I am not really a reluctant nurse just rather surprised to find myself with the title. I have spent the last two years in nursing school and have earned the title Registered Nurse, definitely another move of God. I never imagined myself as a nurse, yet God’s message was clear….go and become a nurse.

The first day of class each of us had to introduce ourselves and describe why we were in nursing school. As I listened to classmates explain how they had always dreamed of becoming nurses, I wondered exactly what I was going to say. My turn came and the only thing I could come up with was “my name is Adrienne and I am in nursing school because God told me to be here.” I questioned Him multiple times, even asked Him for proof of his directions, “nurse, really?” I often felt that by this time in my walk with God I should not need to ask for continued proof of His directions. Unfortunately, in my human weakness I did. His answers were clear every time, “Yes, nurse!” One of his most spectacular answers came when I was driving home from class (a 90 mile one-way commute), tired and doubtful. Literally, rainbows preceded me all the way home. At one point I could see three different rainbows and as one faded behind me another would appear in front of me. I serve a mighty, patient, gracious God and am looking forward to the continued adventure!