In The Beginning

The rather ironic part of the statement
“Christians are not independent thinkers
and are trapped in a restrictive, patriarchal,
narrow-minded culture” is that although the
statement is definitely what I thought about
Christians in a broad sense, it was not what
I thought about my new husband who was a
Christian. Definitely a disconnect!

I am not saying I did not have a sense of God or the eternal. I was a self-proclaimed agnostic. This word can have many meanings but to me it meant I believed in God. In fact I talked to Him on a regular basis. I did not believe in Jesus Christ as God’s son and humanity’s savior. I did not deny his existence…there was/is too much proof of that. He was a charismatic teacher with many sound albeit radical teachings but nothing more.

After we married, we bought a little house in the suburbs. Mark continued his work as a mortgage broker, I tried to get a job in my field (Environmental Science/Wildlife Biology) and worked at REI in the mean time. We attended church religiously and I mean religiously. Mark was emphatic that the world had to be ending for us to miss a Sunday. We also joined a couples small group with about 10 other couples in the same stage of life. I enjoyed church. The choir was awesome and the pastor had an enjoyable preaching style. His sermons were short, topical and practical, just my style. Our couples group was a great bunch of people and we did many activities and studies together. Life was good.

The next step: start a family.