Confession #1

So I’ve been threatening my
husband for the past several
years that I was going to write a
book entitled “Confessions of a
Reluctant Pastor’s Wife”.  Since life
is busy and bills must get paid by working
paying jobs, the book writing project never
made it to the top of the “to do” list.  However,
I have felt a prompting by God to write something
so I asked my wonderful, somewhat techy husband
to create a blog for me and voila…my first blog post.

After creating the title of my book, I got as far as writing the first sentence;  in all capital letters.  I MARRIED A MORTGAGE BROKER!!!!  In fact, when I met my future husband, he was what Christians would call a “worldly Christian”: he was getting into heaven but just barely and definitely not living like it.  He had no aspirations or callings to become a pastor, and I definitely was NOT looking to be a pastor’s wife.  The first confession is that when we got married I was not even a Christian.  I was a self-proclaimed agnostic.  I went to one of the most liberal universities in the country, had a science-based bachelor’s degree… and Christians, well they did not have any independent thinking abilities and were trapped in a restrictive, patriarchal, narrow-minded culture.  So as you can imagine, becoming a pastor’s wife was not even on my radar.